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Aspiring Families Center for Mental Health and Wellness

Aspiring Families is a premier mental health and wellness center in Del Mar/Carmel Valley founded and directed by Azmaira Maker, Ph.D., a licensed clinical psychologist with over twenty years of expertise. Dr. Maker completed her training at University of Michigan in the dual Child/Family and Adult programs, and a specialized fellowship at the University of Michigan Law School. Dr.Maker is the author of two multi-award winning books.

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We  provide comprehensive services for:

Child and Adolescent Therapy

 Family Therapy

Individual Therapy for Adults

Individual Therapy for College Students

Therapy, Assessments, and Medical Services for Seniors

Psychological, Neuropsychological, Educational, and Developmental Assessments

Equine Assisted Psychotherapy

In-Home and In-School Observations and Interventions

Medical and Psychiatric Consultations and Services

Nutritional Counseling

In-Home  Personal Physical Training

Specialized Groups

We offer specialists with expertise in multiple Areas of Focus

Areas of Focus

Areas of Focus

With over 20 years of experience, we specialize in depression, anxiety, loss, trauma, substance use, eating disorders, academic, behavioral, and developmental difficulties, ADHD, divorce, chronic pain, and health issues.

We offer comprehensive, state-of-the-art, standardized diagnostic, developmental, psychological, neuropsychological, and educational testing for children, adolescents, college students, adults, and seniors.

We offer specialists with expertise in multiple Areas of Focus

Expert Team

Dr. Maker completed her Ph.D. from University of Michigan in the dual Child/Family and Adult programs. Dr.Maker has an expert team of psychologists, counselors, physicians, psychiatrists, physical trainers, and nutritionists from Harvard School of Education, UC Berkeley, UCLA, Univ. of Wisconsin, and Univ. of San Diego who collaborate closely with you to provide you individualized, comprehensive, and exceptional care.

Indie Book Award Winner

Aspiring Families Books, Resources, and Blog

Dr. Maker is the author of two multi-award winning books on divorce and death. Aspiring Families is dedicated to educate, support, and empower individuals and families to thrive. The resources we provide for the community focus on theory driven, clinically founded, and research based resources. 

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