Dr. Azmaira H. Maker is a national expert with over twenty years of experience in parenting, child development, learning, social, and behavioral issues, family relationships, and loss. She has presented on a range of topics in schools and clinics. Dr. Maker is available for consultations, speaking events, workshops, and presentations for schools, parenting and community events, family law firms, and institutes with professionals and practitioners working with children. Consultations, presentations, and workshops can be focused on the specific needs of the institute and audience.

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For detailed information on Dr. Maker’s expertise, team, and services, please visit Aspiring Families, Center for Mental Health and Wellness.


Substance Use

  • Teen Substance Use: Early Prevention Utilizing Talk Therapy and Equine Assisted Therapy


  • Co-Parenting Effectively and Collaboratively Through a Divorce
  • Collaborative Explanations and Support for Children Through the Divorce Transitions
  • Roles and Interventions to Help Children Cope with Divorce

Gifted Children

  • Gifted Children Assessments: To Test or Not To Test
  • Gifted Children: Assessing and Managing Socio-emotional Vulnerabilities

School and Home Issues

  • ADHD, Executive Functioning, and Learning Disabilities: Assessment and Interventions
  • Behavioral Management and Intrinsic Motivation
  • Behavioral Management and Emotional Regulation

Screen Time

  • Parenting in the Digital World: Developing Minds and the Toxic Impact of Screen Time
  • Screenagers: The Impact of Screen Time on Kids and Parents


  • Core Parenting: 10 Key Parenting Strategies to Be the Best Parent You Can Be
  • Adoption, Attachment, and Emotional Regulation: Connections and Interventions
  • Listen, Validate, and Discuss: Engaging Your Child/Teen in Positive Dialogues


  • Conquering Anxiety in Kids: Creative Strategies and Interventions


  • Wherever I Go, There I am: Fostering A Positive and Stable Sense of Self – Tools and Tips