Support Group for Parents of Teenagers

Adolescence can be a troubling time for everyone involved. As kids become young adults, issues surrounding sexuality, self-esteem, and motivation can arise that need to be handled with care. These challenges can add extra strain on already tense parental-teen relationships.

In these cases, most attempts at helping are directed at the teen — as they should — but this can leave parents feeling isolated; left to fend for themselves in situations that are just as difficult and unfamiliar.

If you’re struggling to maintain a healthy relationship with your son or daughter, consider joining our support group for parents of teenagers. We can provide a safe space for you to share experiences and learn parenting strategies to deal with the challenges of adolescence.

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How Can Support Groups Help?

Many parents are hesitant about joining a support group, as they associate them with alcoholism, addiction, or trauma. However, a support group is nothing more than a community of people helping each other navigate challenging situations.

With the help of a licensed psychologist, you and other parents can learn better parenting strategies and coping mechanisms for the following situations:


As kids grow up, communication becomes our best tool in shaping their behavior. Learning to communicate more effectively with your teen is an invaluable skill to have.


Rebellion against authority is normal and to be expected in teenagers. It is our job as parents to establish clear boundaries that can keep our teens safe as they mature.


In today’s landscape, limiting screen time and electronic use can be quite a challenge, as social media and video games are specifically designed to draw kid’s attention constantly.

Relationships and Sexuality

As teens mature emotionally and physically, they may want to experience romantic and sexual relationships — although not all teen relationships include sex.

Health and Motivation

Adolescence is the perfect stage for young adults to begin developing healthy habits, both mental and physical, that can help them achieve their goals.


The changes brought by teenage years, and the changing relationships with their peers, can leave teenagers feeling depressed and with a diminished sense of self-worth.


It is not uncommon for academics to fall by the wayside as teens navigate the trials mentioned above. Learning to find a healthy balance in which academic performance isn’t ignored is essential, especially for those who will pursue higher education.

Substance Use

Early substance use can cause developmental issues and increase the chances of future substance abuse and addiction. Teaching your teen the dangers of drug use can be crucial for their journey into adulthood.

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