Lizzie is a behavioral interventionist and executive functioning coach with over ten years of experience working in leadership, coaching, and educator capacities with adolescents, children, and young adults. She has worked in various schools throughout North County, fostering socio-emotional health and support through executive functioning practices with students, teachers, and parents. Her individualized and client-motivated approach is based on motivational interviewing, behavioral modification, and impulse control with regard to the client’s system of functioning. She aims to foster positive change and growth by meeting the clients in their current state and strategically benchmarking the components of their development. Lizzie has a passion for destigmatizing personal growth by fostering each individual’s comfort with a positive and active mindset in an environment in which they can thrive.

With a B.A. in psychology from the University of Colorado, Lizzie is working under the advisement and supervision of Dr. Maker as a Behavioral Interventionalist and Coach with Aspiring Families. Lizzie is also working to further her roles in other areas of the mental health field, concurrently seeking a degree and licensure as a Marriage and Family Therapist.

With a background in the arts and creative learning environments, Lizzie aims to foster the comfort of each client through telehealth, as well as in-office and in-home visits that allow for the minimization of clients’ resistance to change. She has ample experience working with varying degrees of neurodivergent experiences, socio-emotional challenges, and behavioral obstacles, devoting her career to meeting the needs specific to our community. Her experience teaching in private individualized educational environments has fostered her passion for helping the youthful community of North County to achieve a better tomorrow.