Teenage Girls Support Group

Adolescence can be a trying time for teenage girls. As their bodies and minds grow and develop and relationship dynamics change, young women become more vulnerable to mental health issues — including anxiety, body image issues, depression and more.

If you’re looking for a way to help your daughter cope with the trials of teenagehood, we suggest she joins a teenage girl support group. Here she can learn how to build healthy relationships, learn coping strategies, and deal with the challenges of adolescence.

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How Our Support Group Can Help

By providing a safe space where young women can share their experiences, our support group can help girls in the following situations:


It is unfortunately common for girls in their teens to struggle with low self-esteem, which then permeates their outlook and creates self-defeating behaviour that only worsens their preconceptions.

Body Image

Closely related to self-esteem; the changes brought forth by puberty, coupled with unrealistic media depictions often cause young women to engage in unhealthy behaviours in an effort to lose weight.


Teenage depression can be caused by a wide array of issues, such as bullying, feeling misunderstood and lack of self-worth. If not properly counselled, depressed teens are more likely to engage in self-destructive behaviour, such as substance abuse or self-harm.


As teenage girls mature, they may want to experience romantic and physical relationships. A safe, judgement-free environment — where girls are encouraged questions and share experiences — can help them do so safely.


Increasingly harsh academic requirements and doubts about their future are just some of the reasons that may cause anxiety in teenage girls. Sharing their fears with their peers is a great way of dealing with anxious thoughts before being overwhelmed.


Coping is one of the most important life skills a teenager can learn, one that will help them navigate the struggles and responsibilities that come with growing older.

Join Our Teenage Girls Support Group

There’s something magical and liberating that comes from talking to people who have been through the same things you have and understand your struggles.

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