SP Testimonial

“While many therapists are good at tackling behaviors and their associated emotions, our experience has been that unless you identify and effectively address the core issue, you will forever be trying to just cope – be it self-harm, depression, eating disorder, addiction – all of which have affected our family. Dr. Maker is a master at working efficiently to identify and effectively address a client’s core issue. She does this with the utmost compassion and respect of her clients and their families, resulting in a strong relationship of trust, which is critical in any therapist/client relationship. Since most situations involve the entire family, she knows when and how to appropriately engage other members of the family in a way that doesn’t threaten her relationship with the primary client, resulting in a more positive and supportive outcome for the client and the family. It is impossible to put in a few lines the incredible impact Dr. Maker has had on the growth and health of our entire family as a result of her work with our child.”