5 Tips for a Pandemic-Friendly Vacation During School Breaks

5 Tips for a Pandemic-Friendly Vacation During School Breaks

Guest Blog by Joyce Wilson

If the thought of taking a vacation during a school break makes you
nervous this year, you’re not alone. Though you may have to take more precautions than usual during the pandemic, the current world situation doesn’t mean that you can’t have fun as a family during your vacation days! Consider Aspiring Families’ five tips to make the most of your kids’ school breaks and spend as much time with your family as possible — even if you choose to vacation within your hometown.

1.Research Pandemic Hotspots

If you desire to head out of town for your school break, consult your favorite case-tracking map of the pandemic to determine whether you may be headed into a COVID-19 hotspot. Inspect the case counts for your travel destination according to this Mayo Clinic map and consider the trends over time. If the percentage of positive tests has risen drastically in the past month, you may want to reconsider your itinerary.

2. Get Your Vaccine and Take Precautions

If you are able to, get vaccinated. If you are traveling with children who are not able to get the vaccine due to age, or if someone in your family is immunocompromised, it may be better to schedule a staycation or visit a smaller town or a rural area as opposed to a densely populated city.

3. Book a Staycation

Some people or their loved ones do not have the ability to get vaccinated or take other precautions to protect themselves against the pandemic. If this is the case for your family, book a staycation

You may opt to stay home with your small children and play games, have a movie marathon, or build an obstacle course in the backyard. You could also book that vacation rental house with a pool near a beach or hiking trail that you’ve always wanted to explore. If you rent, choose a house with a full kitchen so that you have the option to cook at home and minimize your contact with others when you go out to create a relaxing, healthy getaway from your everyday life.

4. Have an Outdoor Dinner Party

Socially distanced gatherings may have become the norm, but this doesn’t mean that you have to stand across the room from your friends and shout so they can hear you. Have a small, pandemic-friendly gathering outside. Plan a pool party, a barbeque, or another type of outdoor dinner party to your specifications. Invite friends and family who are not showing signs of illness and preferably those who have been vaccinated against the disease.

5. Travel to a Resort

Several resorts and hotels offer pandemic-friendly vacation options due to the fact that they require their guests to be tested for COVID-19 before staying at the resort. If you’re comfortable with this arrangement, know that some Mexican and Caribbean hotels and resorts also offer on-site testing if you additionally need proof of a negative test before entering the United States.

It can be difficult to know whether to travel or plan a staycation for your kids’ school breaks when you’re living through a pandemic — especially if only half of your family has been vaccinated due to age. Consider exploring your town or simply taking a road trip to the nearest city and participating in pandemic-friendly activities that do not include large crowds as a happy medium.


Image via Pexels

by Joyce Wilson