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New Patients

What to expect from your visit to Aspiring Families.

Call Aspiring Families for your free 15 minute consultation.

At the end of your 15 minute consultation, we will assign you a primary therapist, and you will be contacted within two business days to schedule your first session. We will also review all fees with you in your 15 minute consultation.

Your first visit will include

Your primary therapist will thoroughly review your treatment plan and the specific fees and Billing Agreement with you to help you understand the details and answer all questions.

Rates and Insurance

Aspiring Families and its clinicians are not providers on any insurance panels, but facilitate direct reimbursement to you based on your insurance plan. We provide you with a statement with all the information necessary to file your claim for reimbursement to you by your provider.

You should always check with your provider for accurate details of reimbursement based on your insurance plan. The fees for services provided at Aspiring Families vary and are specific to the team member and services you receive.

In your initial 15 minute consultation, we will review fees with you over the phone based on the primary therapist assigned to you for your presenting needs and evaluation. We will also explain the details of meeting with your primary therapist for a 45-minute initial evaluation. We also offer a more in-depth 1.5-hours initial evaluation, which will be reviewed with you. All fees and rates will be provided in a Good Faith Estimate and Billing Agreement to you in writing as well for you to review prior to scheduling. Based on your needs and decision, this form will have the specific payment details outlined for you prior to your evaluation appointment with your primary therapist.

Your comprehensive and holistic therapy plan can include:

We are so happy and cannot thank you enough for all that you did in getting our loved one the extended time that she so desperately needed!!! We were absolutely thrilled that she was approved for accommodations because you are deeply committed to her wellbeing and successes. If it wasn’t for you, this would not have happened and for this we are eternally grateful to you, Dr. Maker. Thank you so much for everything!