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Psychiatric Services and Evaluations

When it comes to mental health disorders, it’s never too early or too late to get treatment.

Psychiatric Evaluations in San Diego

Whether you’re old or young, you can and should receive the general care you need. A psychiatrist and a therapist will always be unbiased and will do everything in their power to alleviate your symptoms.

We offer psychiatric diagnostics, lab orders, integrative care, and follow up care for mental health conditions for all age groups.

Our team includes a board of certified psychiatrists and internal medicine physicians who collaborate closely with our panel of psychologists for your care.

Our Treatment Plans Specialize In:

Our Treatment Focus

When treating particularly severe mental health afflictions, therapy and counseling alone isn’t enough. Even though it can help when combined nutritional counseling, supplements, mindfulness and exercise, some patients require psychopharmacological interventions.

Recent research indicates that a combination of psychotherapy is highly successful in reducing symptoms quickly and minimizing the risk for serious mental health difficulties.

Our mission is to empathically work with clients utilizing evidenced-based treatments in an integrative holistic model, with careful consideration of the mind-body connection, exercise, and nutrition.

While visiting a psychiatrist in San Diego might seem like a big step, what matters most is that you receive an accurate diagnosis and optimal treatment plan for you.

Our Treatment Focus
Psychiatric Evaluation

How Long Should a Psychiatric Evaluation Take?

The duration of psychiatric evaluations for children, teens and adults differs from person to person. Underlying conditions and family history can both impact the total duration of the assessment. Typically, it lasts anywhere between 20 to 90 minutes.
If you find yourself asking questions like, “Does my child need to see a psychiatrist?” or “Where in San Diego can I get a psychiatric evaluation?” we encourage you to get in touch with us. We treat the following conditions:
Our psychiatrists collaborate closely with your therapists, nutritionist, M.D., and personal trainer for a comprehensive approach that tackles the root of the problem. This unique approach allows us to address your needs from a bio-psycho-social perspective so that you can move forward in an effective and highly supervised way.

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Our psychiatrist, M.D., and nutritionist are also able to order comprehensive lab work so that we can establish important bio-chemical baselines. Our psychiatrist will also collaborate closely with your primary care physician, pediatrician, and specialty doctors to ensure that you are receiving the most effective treatment plan in San Diego.