“Exceptional, impressive, thoroughly ‘kid friendly’ from beginning to end, Family Changes: Explaining Divorce to Children should be a part of every community library Parenting Studies collections. For families with young children who are having to deal with divorce, Family Changes: Explaining Divorce to Children will prove to be an invaluable and instructive aid.”  Read the full review.

Midwest Book Review


“Family Changes: Explaining Divorce to Children is an outstanding book that is gentle, positive, and validating for both children and adults. With an excellent parent guide about the value of talking to children about their feelings, a highly sensitive and engaging story with exquisite illustrations, and an effective list of questions that children typically ask, this book is essential reading for divorcing families, and for therapists and advocates working with children of divorce.”

                                                      Sandra A. Graham-Bermann Ph.D., Professor of Psychology and Psychiatry, University of Michigan.


“Those of us parenting, working with, or caring for children experiencing divorce will welcome FAMILY CHANGES as a unique, positive, and creative resource for helping children understand and cope with this complicated transition. The comprehensive note to adults effectively explains how children work through painful questions and feelings. The touching story—with the endearing Zoey and her attempt to understand a very grown up topic—ends with extremely helpful follow up questions that will be highly valued by parents, child advocates, therapists, and others who wish to better serve children during this difficult time. I highly recommend this book to parents and professionals.”

                          Sacha Coupet, Ph.D., J.D. Clinical Psychologist and Associate Professor of Family Law
Loyola University, Chicago, IL.


“Family Changes is highly recommended for young children (age 4-8 years old) and their parents, as the author intended, and is a unique and valuable resource for therapists seeking to help families of young children process individual experiences with separation or divorce.”

H. Pederson, Ph.D. Editor, and R. Schuster, Ph.D., The Family Psychologist, Vol 32, Spring 2016, Division 43, Society for Couple and Family Psychology, American Psychological Association.


“Dr. Maker has brought us this excellent child-centric educational book about how to navigate the changes of a family undergoing divorce. What the research shows is that helping a child through this process will greatly affect their sense of self and ability to feel secure and confident about themselves. Dr. Maker takes us through this experience from the child’s point of view and shares the gift of positive transformation that can occur during this life-changing time. The illustrations are sublime and the topic is handled so gently and ingeniously. Of course, it is written by a child psychologist with the gift of creativity. It’s a book every family going through divorce should have on their shelves.”

Krista Roybal, M.D., Psychiatrist
Executive Medical Director, True Life Center for Wellbeing, La Jolla, CA


“This heartfelt story teaches parents and other influential adults, in a child’s life, including teachers, grandparents, and therapists, how to best explain the emotional and confusing experience of divorce to young children.  Perfect for children ages 4-8 years…”

Counseling Today


“The book is very useful for adults—a great many of us—who don’t intuitively know how to talk about difficult subjects with kids. One caveat, though. This book is good for parents who are both actively interested in helping their kids get through the process as pain-free as possible.” Read the full review.

Barbara Payne
Chicago Lady Boomer Examiner, Examiner.com


“This book is a gem for parents and children alike. Dr. Maker does a stunning job of transforming a difficult discussion between parent and child into a lively, emotionally sophisticated journey. The loving relationships between Zoey and her parents parallels the bond between reader and child, as the two engage in a poignant exploration of various aspects of separation and divorce. The thoughtful dialogue and discussion questions will appeal to parents who are trying to guide and reassure their children, and the lively story and beautiful illustrations will delight the young reader.”

Ingrid Wheelock, Ph.D.
Clinical Psychologist, Seattle, WA


I had the good fortune to see an advance copy of Family Changes, and I am so glad that someone has finally written this creative and exceptional book on divorce! The book uses developmentally appropriate language to explain divorce to children in a reassuring manner. It also validates children’s complex feelings about their parents’ divorce. Dr. Maker’s years of experience working with children who are coping with the grief and confusion that accompany divorce shine through in every page.  I highly recommend this book to divorcing parents, schools, libraries, and professionals working with divorce.”

          Martha Crowe, M.A. Child Development. Institute for Public Health, San Diego State University, CA

“Based on the typical emotional turbulence a child feels from separation or divorce, Family Changes receives high recommendation as the first title that adults should turn to in the effort to explain, explore, and support a child’s feelings in the matter, concluding with a list of ‘process questions’ which adults can use to further enhance the story line’s overall approach.”  For a complete review, please visit: Donovan’s Bookshelf and CA Bookwatch.

Donovan, Editor, Donovan’s Literary Services/Recommended Reading


“In Family Changes, Zoey, a young bunny asks her mother, “Mama, what does the word divorce mean?” Dr. Maker artfully uses the story of Zoey to help parents discuss the difficult topic of divorce in an honest, loving, and positive manner. The story uses magical symbols, warm characters, and soothing illustrations to aid deeper conversations between adults and children that read this book together. The note to adults, along with the comprehensive list of process questions at the end, is an invaluable tool that will help maintain and grow a strong emotional bond between children and parents that are undergoing a divorce. I would recommend this book as a must read for families, therapists, teachers, and lawyers who are working with children experiencing a divorce.”

                          Zia Agha, M.D., M.S. Executive Vice President, West Health Institute; Professor, UCSD, CA


“This lovely picture storybook is geared toward children ages 4-8 years and is an excellent resource for any adult helping to support children experiencing a divorce. Through a heartwarming story with beautiful illustrations, children see Zoey the bunny experience and ultimately work through the complicated feelings and questions about divorce (Is it my fault? Why do I feel sad and angry? Is divorce forever?). In addition to the touching story, this wonderful book includes a helpful guide for adults in its introduction and 20 follow up questions for the child and adult to further process thoughts and feelings.

In my many years of experience conducting co-parenting therapy for parents who are separated or divorcing, the most essential element typically is to help the parents learn to accept (and not resent) their child’s emotional reactions to the divorce. Too often children of divorce feel sad, angry, guilty, confused, etc. and parents are ill equipped to accept or even “see” or acknowledge their child’s feelings because it overwhelms or otherwise triggers them (parents). Through a beautiful story and the extra guides, this resource supports parents in learning how to accept, understand, and empathize with their child’s emotional responses. Hence, the child has the experience of “feeling felt” by the parents and this security allows them to begin to heal and ultimately successfully navigate their major family transition.

I know of no other book like Family Changes. I highly recommend this unique and high quality resource for any therapist, parent, teacher and all others working to support and help children through divorce.”

Cynthia Baker, Ph.D., Licensed Clinical Psychologist, Newport Beach, California


“I have been working with children of divorce for 20 years and greatly appreciate resources such as this. I have recently shared the book with several of my clients who have responded quite well. Dr. Maker’s book is thoughtful, sensitive, and relatable for young children in addition to providing a dialogue for their parents who may be having a difficult time discussing the new transitions that surround the divorce process. It is so refreshing to have an up to date resource to normalize the experience that children of divorce are navigating and thank you Dr. Maker for providing the community with such a wonderful book.”

Lori Love, Ph.D. Clinical Psychologist and Divorce Child Specialist.  Author of Child Custody Evaluation and Mediation Preparation.


“Family Changes: Explaining Divorce to Children, is a highly effective resource tool for children, parents and other family members, teachers, daycare providers, pediatricians, and psychotherapists. Dr. Maker has written a compassionate story of the many reactions and feelings that children have about divorce, and how parents might respond to childrens’ concerns with equal compassion and empathy. The illustrations, in company with the text, are beautifully rendered, and draw a reader into the tale.
As a Psychologist in private practice, I have a copy of Dr. Maker’s book in my waiting area. The first day that I placed it there, two of my patients reported feeling very stirred by it – one, a parent currently undergoing a divorce, and, the other, a woman whose parents had divorced over 30 years ago…..Family Changes tells a timeless tale. I highly recommend it.”

Jean Wixom, Ph.D. Clinical Psychologist, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor.

“Family Changes” is a touching, poignant take on a challenging life shift for both children and adults. It does a wonderful job depicting the true feelings behind divorce while offering a guide as to how we can start the conversations with the young ones affected. The magical story of a young bunny, Zoey, keeps the attention of children while addressing emotions they feel during divorce. I would absolutely recommend this book to anyone who needs to discuss divorce with children.”

Erin Dalton, M.S. Ed. Academic Specialist, CA


“Family Changes is a beautifully written and reassuring book that will help children and their parents navigate the difficult paths of separation and divorce. The story is compassionate and charming, and young children will easily identify with Zoey and her many questions and feelings about the changes she and her family are facing. Dr. Maker also offers very helpful and wise advice for parents in talking with their children, as well as specific suggestions for encouraging valuable discussions. Family Changes is sensitive to the complicated emotions that can arise, while offering a supportive and comforting foundation for family conversations. I highly recommend this book for families that are dealing with the challenges of divorce, and for parents, therapists, lawyers, teachers, and other professionals that are looking to support children’s emotional well-being through the transition.”

Lesley Egler, Ph.D. Licensed Clinical Psychologist, Boston, M.A.


“Family Changes is an extremely well thought out, well written book by Dr. Maker. The illustrations are incredible and speak so well to the emotions that emerge for children going through this process. The attention to details in the ENTIRE book is exquisite! Dr. Maker writes from a highly seasoned perspective since this is an area with families that she is extremely qualified in. The book will create a cocoon of safety for the children while validating the strong emotions that are very present for children. A must for every child experiencing this emotionally turbulent journey. As a psychologist this is a book I highly recommend!”

Divya Kakaya, Ph.D. Licensed Clinical Psychologist, CA


“As a child and adolescent psychologist with expertise in working with families of divorce, I have recently had the opportunity to meet with Dr. Maker and talk to her about her book. I am very impressed by her clinical skills, compassion, and educational background which contribute to Dr. Maker’s unique perspective in writing this much needed book. I look forward to sharing it with other professionals and those whom I see in my private practice.”

Amy Montague, Ph.D.
Clinical Psychologist, CA


“Divorce can be a scary thing. But this story and the pictures made it less scary for me.”

                                                              Daniel, 12 year old boy.


“Family changes is a heartfelt story that children and parents experiencing a divorce will easily relate to. This thoughtful and heartwarming book reassures children of divorce that they are not alone with their feelings about family changes. The gentle, honest dialogue between the story’s main character, Zoey, and school friends and family is comforting to the reader. The forward to parents and supplemental questions at the end of the book provide excellent guidelines for families and professionals to initiate healthy dialogues about divorce. Parents, teachers, and professionals will easily embrace and share this unique and resourceful book with children coping with divorce.”

                                                    Nicole McAleer, M.A.Teaching Academic and Behavioral Specialist, CA


“Dr. Azmaira Maker is a compassionate and gifted psychologist who cares deeply about the wellbeing of her clients in her clinical practice. It comes as no surprise that in her quest to help and reach others beyond her practice that she wrote this much needed book to help children whose parents are going through a divorce. Her book is informed by her years of top notch education and training and her extensive experience working with children, parents, and families who have gone through divorce. This book will serve as an essential resource for adults to assist children in understanding and processing their parent’s divorce.”

Lisa Ambrosino Ho, Psy.D.
Clinical Psychologist, CA


“Dr. Maker’s Family Changes is an effective tool in processing complex feelings about divorce. Not only is the language child-appropriate and sensitive, but its beautiful illustrations also make it accessible to young children. While Dr. Maker does not shy away from addressing difficult questions surrounding the issue of divorce, her approach is gentle and reassuring. Since the book also offers a guide for parents and a list of child-focused questions, it facilitates a constructive and safe dialogue between parents and children. I highly recommend this book – an invaluable asset in its field.”

Maike Ahrends, Ph.D.
Santa Clara University, Silicon Valley, CA


“Dr. Maker has taken on the challenge of translating the tremendously complex emotional issue of divorce into clear language for both children and adults. Family Changes is a thoughtful and sensitive treatment of the many issues children face when confronted with divorce. Using a narrative that leads the reader through a child’s experience, Dr. Maker presents an approach to divorce that is honest, insightful, and helpful to parents who may be struggling with how to openly discuss the issue of divorce with their children. While divorce is never easy, Dr. Maker’s book provides invaluable tools to create a safe, loving, and supportive space for conversations between children and parents. As a clear guide to a difficult and emotionally charged subject, this text cannot be recommended highly enough.”

Rashi Jackman, Ph.D.
De Anza College, San Francisco, CA


“My esteemed colleague Dr. Azmaira Maker has written a book, Family Changes: Explaining Divorce to Children, to be published in June 2015. It is a story book that assists parents and other adults in helping young children process their feelings about divorce. I highly recommend this book as Dr. Maker has many years of clinical experience working with families and divorce.”

Kris Zeising, Psy.D.
Clinical Psychologist, CA


“This book is a great way to explain divorce to children. The creative pictures tell a story along with simple words that make divorce easy to understand.”

R. 9 year old boy.


“In this day and age we have all been affected by divorce in some way. It is important that we talk with our children about topics including divorce. If they have a better understanding of what divorce is, it seems much less scary. It is completely normal to fear the unknown; any changes in life can be scary not just for children but also for the parents. Family Changes is a wonderful guide to help parents with young children who are either separated or going through a divorce. Dr. Maker has eloquently put together a whimsical narrative that is beautifully illustrated about a sweet little bunny named Zoey whose parents are going through a divorce. The book gives many different examples of how your child may feel, what they may fear as well as how to approach a healthy discussion. At the end of the book, there are questions to help guide you through topics to discuss with your child. If you know of any sweet little bunnies whose parents are going through a separation or divorce, I would highly recommend this book to the family.”

Kristine Kvamme, Parent


“As a 24 year educator of young children I’ve seen that divorce is one of the most difficult things for young children to process and understand. Plus, the most difficult part of a divorce for parents is explaining it to their children, which unfortunately usually results in it not handled in the way it should be. This book should be viewed as the ‘must have’ for any parents who are going through a divorce. Not only for their children, but for them also. Divorce can be emotionally devastating for adults, so you can imagine how hard it is for children who do not have the physical capabilities to rationalize and understand things at the level an adult can. The story and content in this books are at the perfect level for young children to absorb, understand and truly benefit from. This book is greatly needed and superbly written. Thank you so much for creating it!”

Beth Hooshidar, Coach and Parent.
Little Rascalz Soccer, CA


“This is an important book that will be of great asset to those who have to help children of a divorce through this difficult transition. Though divorce is fairly common in the U.S., there is absolutely nothing common about it for children, who feel that their world is falling apart. I strongly recommend this book to parents, therapists, teachers, and other adults working with children of divorce.”

Markus Kemmelmeier, Ph.D.
University of Nevada, Dept. of Sociology