After her debut children’s book, Family Changes: Explaining Divorce to Children Dr. Azmaira H. Maker is happily moving forward with a number of books to help open communication and understanding between parents and children. Some conversations are difficult, and figuring out where to begin doesn’t always come easy. Dr. Maker is hopeful that these stories, founded in well-established theory, research, and clinical expertise, will help families find an easier path to open communication.

Here are several of the upcoming titles from Dr. Maker, and Aspiring Families Press:

Mandy, The Grey Panda Bear
A story about visible differences and teasing in children.

I Can Do It!
A story about separation anxiety and coping in children.

Where Did My Friend Go?
A therapeutic book for young children who have witnessed a traumatic and sudden death (such as gun violence).

I Can Be All That I Can Be
A story about a young boy who enjoys more traditionally female-oriented activities.

I Chose You
A story that explains IVF to young children born of IVF.

I Am American Too!
A picture book about racial, ethnic, and cultural differences in the U.S.

My Story: Healing and Coping with Pregnancy Loss.
For families who have experienced any form of pregnancy loss.