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We work closely with you as parents to empower you via effective parenting techniques

Getting Help for Your Child

With children, we utilize cognitive-behavioral therapy, play therapy, family therapy, parent guidance, and mindfulness, with immediate tools for effective change. Using a holistic approach, we collaborate closely with parents from a family systems and developmental perspective. We also collaborate closely with schools, pediatricians, and psychiatrists to enhance a team approach.

It is when we see a child struggling with sadness, anger, frustration, withdrawal, eating and sleep difficulties, school problems, and unusual behaviors that we realize that now is the time to get help. Moreover, when it comes to children, the sooner the help is provided, the better. The longer the delay in helping your child understand and cope to diminish symptoms and negative behaviors, the harder it becomes to help your child get back on track.

Children can suffer and express their underlying emotional, social, and biological struggles in many confusing ways. Parents are often overwhelmed in supporting, understanding, and changing their child’s behaviors, attitude, and symptoms. Power struggles are not unusual in the developmental process, and conflict and anger often follow, which further exacerbate difficulties.

What You Can Expect

Play Therapy

Working with children via play allows us to communicate, share, and teach your child new life skills, coping mechanisms, and gain insight into their painful struggles.

Play therapy interventions, in turn, will enable your child to alleviate emotional and behavioral problems, resolve their difficulties, and heal in deeper, more permanent ways. Children usually don’t communicate like adults. They share their world with each other and with us via play. They show us their confusion, fears, hopes, anxieties, anger, happiness, and conflicts through play.

Play therapy is an extraordinary and powerful means to understand and heal your child in a safe and meaningful way.

What You Can Expect

How We Work with Children and Parents

We work closely with you as parents to empower you via effective parenting techniques, and simultaneously work closely with your child to enhance his/her strengths and coping skills. When working with children, we understand the expressed difficulties as being part of a complex system. We pay close attention to developmental processes and appropriate parent guidance.

We first assess your child developmentally (cognitive, social, and emotional aspects) to better understand his/her unique strengths and vulnerabilities, which will serve as a guide for goals and interventions to facilitate your child’s development.
We also assess the family dynamics to pinpoint how the family roles, expectations, and support system may be influencing the child.

We work closely with parents, and the school if necessary, to foster parents’ understanding of their child’s unique developmental needs. We also provide comprehensive parent guidance to assist parents in creating new and effective ways to help their child with his/her vulnerabilities.

It is also critical for us to understand the stressors, recent and past, which may have impacted your child. We identify problems in a multi-contextual way (development, home, school, and peers), and work closely with your child to facilitate his/her strengths, adaptation, and coping skills. We also work closely with you as parents to assist your understanding of your child’s anxieties, depression, anger, academic, social, and behavioral difficulties.

It is our goal to provide you with the appropriate and effective parenting tools and education via parent guidance so that you can continue to be the primary vehicle for your child’s successful development over his/her lifetime.