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If you are experiencing a breakdown in communication and intimacy with your partner, you may want to consider couples therapy.

Challenges Couples Face

Many couples struggle with multiple stressors in their day-to-day relationship. These stressors can have a significant negative effect on sexual, emotional, and spiritual intimacy and commitment:
We work closely with each of you to bridge the emotional gaps and build a new foundation, a new map, to support your discovery, love, and growth with each other.
What You Can Expect
What You Can Expect

How Couples Counseling Can Help

Couples counseling can be enormously helpful in reducing conflict, and rekindling the passion and emotional closeness as you explore and better understand each other in a safe environment. The change in your relationship can begin with the commitment to set aside some time and energy to re-evaluate yourselves and prioritize the intimate relationship within your everyday struggles and hectic lives. Couples counseling can provide you with the essential tools to:
We also provide specialized services for couples considering or undergoing divorce to facilitate the transitions for the partners and the children in positive and adaptive ways.