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Applying for college is not as simple as it once was. Nowadays it’s not enough for students to take a few tests, send their transcripts, and fill out some forms. We can help.

College Counseling

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College admittance is now a fierce competition against tens of thousands of candidates across the country, for only a few hundred spots.

It’s a complicated, stressful process that is bound to overwhelm teenagers, who must navigate the challenges of adolescence and excel academically, all the while making life-altering decisions about their future.

These issues are even more pronounced for students who suffer cognitive disorders such as ADHD, depression, or anxiety, which can have drastic effects on their academic performance and social lives if left unattended. In these cases, therapy can play a crucial role in helping teens overcome their difficulties and find a spot in their dream college.

Proper counseling can help students get into their college of choice. Our education specialist has over 15 years of experience guiding students through the college admission process, keeping them on track with their academic goals, and overall making the entire process less stressful and more organized for both students and their families.

How Vocational Counseling Works

Most parents and students mistakenly believe that the college admission process begins and ends with sending out applications. In reality, sending out an application should be the culmination of years of hard work and dedication. A successful college application process can be roughly broken down into two phases:
Phase 1: College Scouting

Most students do little to no research on the colleges they apply to, instead relying on common knowledge and word of mouth to figure out where to attend. Instead, our team of professionals works with teenagers to figure outs their likes and dislikes, their passions and possible career paths, then research which educational institutions would be better suited for them.

If this process is started early enough, they will also suggest courses, classes, and extra-curricular activities that may improve their chances, as well as provide support and encourage students to excel in their academic endeavors in order to present a strong application when the time comes.

Phase 2: Application Drafting
This part of the process is what most people think of when they think of applying to college. It involves drafting essays, filling out forms, asking for letters of recommendation from peers and mentors and all other steps needed to submit applications. A successful phase 1 will make this part easy and straightforward, as the student profile will be tailored for the specific institutions they plan to apply to.
How Vocational Counseling Works
Educational Specialist

Our Educational Specialist

A good counselor is crucial for a successful college application process, even more so for non-neurotypical students. Aspiring Families’ Educational Specialist has over 15 years of expertise in:
Your Educational Specialist works 1:1 with you, your family, your school, your college, and your work environment to facilitate success, achieve your goals, and grow your confidence and skill set. Your specialist also collaborates closely with the Aspiring Families team for comprehensive and individualized care.

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In today’s hyper-competitive world, the right degree from the right institution can have an immense impact on future career prospects. Reach out today and receive the guidance and care needed to land a spot on your dream school.