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Medical Consultations

We provide medical evaluations and care for adult clients in need of consultations, prescriptions, lab work, and referrals to specialists.

Dr. Agha

A Specialized Service

At Aspiring Families, we are able to schedule you for a medical consultation and follow up care within a week. Our providers work very closely with our medical team in order to provide you with the comprehensive, collaborative, and integrative mental health care.

Dr. Agha is the Chief Medical Officer of West Health, and the Medical Director of Aspiring Families. Dr. Agha serves as a consultant for ongoing Aspiring Families adult and senior clients struggling with medication, physical illnesses, and comorbid diagnoses.

As a specialist, he applies scientific knowledge and clinical expertise for the diagnosis, treatment, and compassionate care of adults across the spectrum from health to complex illness.

Evaluation Benefits

Meeting with an M.D. who is a specialist in internal medicine can be enormously beneficial in educating yourself about your medical options, receiving a referral to specialists, and obtaining a second opinion to discuss your concerns.
Medical Consultations