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Screen Time Addiction

Screen addiction occurs when a person uses technology excessively and becomes dependent on it. A compulsive need to use smartphones, tablets, computers, and televisions regardless of the negative impacts on daily activities such as work, school, or social relationships becomes harmful.

Screen Addiction Treatment in San Diego

Screen addiction occurs in adults, college students, adolescents, and even children. It can lead to a wide array of physical and psychological problems, due to screen stimuli activating the dopamine reward system in the brain, resulting in a cycle of compulsive use and addiction.
Research indicates that excessive screen time can lead to eye and muscle strain, sleep disturbances, poor attention, poor executive functioning, anxiety, depression, poor social development, and social isolation.


Aspiring Families offers a multipronged, interdisciplinary approach to reducing screen time compulsions and usage for children, adolescents, college students and adults. Our expert team of therapists provide outpatient services that address the challenges in multiple ways including:
Screen time addiction

Screen Addiction Treatment in San Diego

It’s vital to seek treatment sooner rather than later, so that you, your child, and your family can learn to thrive again in the home, work, social, and school environment. If you are looking for support in treating screen addiction, treatment is available now.