Diagnostic Evaluations and Assessments


Diagnostic Evaluations and Assessments

Often clients present with complicated symptoms and history and it is unclear what the diagnoses or appropriate treatment plan might be. We provide evaluations and assessments for children, teens, college students, and adults. To better identify the specific underlying issues and diagnoses, we conduct comprehensive diagnostic evaluations and assessments to accurately pinpoint the diagnoses and associated developmental, emotional, cognitive, family, academic, and social components. We utilize state-of-the-art, standardized, and valid diagnostic tests, in addition to a comprehensive clinical interview, and school and home observations to generate a complete report with scores and specific recommendations that will be provided to you.

The Diagnostic Evaluation and Assessment may include:

  • Detailed diagnostic interview(s) with the client, parents, family, teachers, partner, and significant others.
  • Specific testing utilizing state-of-the-art, standardized, valid, and reliable measures to assess focused areas of strengths and vulnerabilities related to the presenting issues.
  • A consultation with the pediatrician or primary care physician.
  • A review of the medical and educational history and reports including medications, medical illnesses, previous testing, evaluations, school/IEP reports, and medical and psychiatric records.
  • Collaborative information from previous psychologists and psychiatrists.
  • A comprehensive report will be provided to you that includes specific targeted recommendations for schools, colleges, home, and the professional environment. The report can be utilized to obtain school and college accommodations via 504’s and Individualized Educational Plans, and accommodations for standardized school and college tests.
  • The psychologist conducting the assessment and writing the report will facilitate and support you through the process of obtaining further psycho-educational support privately, in school or in college, and for standardized required tests. At your request, the psychologist will also attend any 504 and IEP meetings at your school.

Aspiring Family therapists provide an integrated, evidence-based, bio-psycho-social approach to effectively treat a range of disorders. We provide positive, structured, goal-oriented therapy, and in-home and in-school interventions to diminish symptoms and support individuals and children in learning adaptive tools to cope and succeed in academic, socio-emotional, and professional realms. 

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