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While many therapists are good at tackling behaviors and their associated emotions, our experience has been that unless you identify and effectively address the core issue, you will forever be trying to just cope – be it self-harm, depression, eating disorder, addiction – all of which have affected our family. Dr. Maker is a master at working efficiently to identify and effectively address a client’s core issue. She does this with the utmost compassion and respect of her clients and their families, resulting in a strong relationship of trust, which is critical in any therapist/client relationship. Since most situations involve the entire family, she knows when and how to appropriately engage other members of the family in a way that doesn’t threaten her relationship with the primary client, resulting in a more positive and supportive outcome for the client and the family. It is impossible to put in a few lines the incredible impact Dr. Maker has had on the growth and health of our entire family as a result of her work with our child.”

- SP

We are so happy and cannot thank you enough for all that you did in getting our loved one the extended time that she so desperately needed!!! We were absolutely thrilled that she was approved for accommodations because you are deeply committed to her wellbeing and successes.  If it wasn’t for you, this would not have happened and for this we are eternally grateful to you, Dr. Maker.  Thank you so much for everything!”

- VS

Thanks for your time today Doctor. You offer a level of wisdom and soulful concern that is unprecedented in my experience, not to mention much needed support for our family in these tough times.”

- MK

I have had the great honor of calling Dr. Maker a colleague for more than five years. During this time, we have had many opportunities to collaborate on care and have been consistently impressed with her thoughtfulness, intelligence, and her impeccable follow through as a clinician. Both our shared patients and my referred patients have been empowered to adapt to challenges, effect positive change, and thrive under her expert guidance. Dr. Maker’s passion for working with children, adolescents, and families is reflected not only in her practice, but also in her commitment to providing much-needed therapeutic resources to the greater community through her consultations, workshops, and books. I would not hesitate to refer patients or loved ones to Dr. Maker.”

- Dr. Roybal, Founder of True Life Center

Dr. Maker is a true gem.  If you are able to work with her count yourself as lucky.  She is brilliant, kind, caring, respectful and thoughtful. She hones in on what’s at the core of your issues and, with great empathy, helps you identify the best tools and support needed to navigate through what may be troubling times.  She has been a true gift and has helped me be a better version of myself everyday.”

- KR

Dr. Maker completely changed my life-path. She truly saved my life and enabled me to grow as a person and cope with multiple stressors and traumas. She dedicated herself to my family and I for many years, and has helped me develop the tools I needed to navigate difficult times and build meaningful and lasting relationships. With her kind, consistent, and trustworthy care and expertise, I am now a healthy, happy, and successful individual.”

- RS