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Developmental Assessments

We offer a range of state-of-the-art, standardized, and valid developmental, educational, cognitive, and neuropsychological testing for young children, teens, college students, and adults.

Comprehensive Developmental Assessments

Standardized and norm based testing is an excellent mechanism for accurately assessing specific developmental, cognitive, neurological, and academic strengths and vulnerabilities to better guide targeted recommendations for placement in work environments, schools, and colleges, individualized curriculums, specialized academic and behavioral support, school and home interventions, 504s and IEPs, and treatment planning.
These assessments include:
Psychological Testing and Assessments

How Psychological Testing and Assessments Work

Developmental and Psychological Testing Services

Our San Diego based therapists provide an integrated, evidence-based, bio-psycho-social approach to effectively treat a range of disorders. We provide positive, structured, goal-oriented therapy, and in-home and in-school interventions to diminish symptoms and support adults, college students, and children in learning adaptive tools to cope and succeed in academic, socio-emotional, and professional realms.