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Dr. Maker has served as an expert consultant, clinician, presenter, and author across the country. She has been featured in and contributed to multiple national organizations and media channels.

What is Play Therapy

In play therapy, the therapist meets the child emotionally and physically at where they are at. The therapist facilitates the child to have control over the choice, narrative, content, and style of play.

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The Power of Comprehensive Assessments in Children

Every child possesses a unique set of abilities and challenges. Some of these are visible and others are hidden beneath the surface. As parents, it’s natural to be concerned about your child’s intellectual, cognitive, academic, behavioral, developmental, social, emotional, and...

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Dr. Maker completely changed my life-path. She truly saved my life and enabled me to grow as a person and cope with multiple stressors and traumas. She dedicated herself to my family and I for many years, and has helped me develop the tools I needed to navigate difficult times and build meaningful and lasting relationships. With her kind, consistent, and trustworthy care and expertise, I am now a healthy, happy, and successful individual.