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Substance Abuse

Substance abuse and use amongst teens, college students, and adults can be very disruptive to the individual and the family.
Substance Abuse

Seeing The Signs

Using alcohol, cigarettes, vapes, marijuana, stimulants, and mind-altering substances can be unhealthy and dangerous. This is especially true when substance use begins at a young age, when individuals are using poly-substances, using frequently, or using in binge episodes.

In our community, teenagers are experimenting and using drugs and alcohol at an earlier age and more frequently. College students experience heavy use of drugs and alcohol as the norm. What begins as exploration, fun, social, and experimentation can often lead to frequent use and abuse.

Unfortunately, our school, colleges, and social environments are flooded with alcohol and drugs, and it is easy for teens, young adults, and adults to access and abuse a range of substances.

Identification of Substance Abuse

Our team offers individual therapy, family therapy, and substance abuse support groups based on age and gender to address the misuse of substances and the following behaviors and symptoms associated with substance abuse:
Substance Abuse Treatment

Treatment for Substance Abuse

Based on our clinical evaluation and standardized assessment, if appropriate, when the teen, college student, or adult is presenting with a moderate-severe substance addiction, we will help you identify more intensive outpatient or inpatient programs that may be more appropriate based on the severity and type of the addiction.