Developmental Assessments


Developmental and Psychological Testing Services in San Diego

Psychological testing is an excellent mechanism for accurately assessing specific developmental, cognitive, neurological, and academic strengths and vulnerabilities to better guide targeted recommendations for placement in work environments, schools, and colleges, individualized curriculums, specialized academic and behavioral support, school and home interventions, 504s and IEPs, and treatment planning.

Psychological, Dyslexia and Learning Disability Assessments

We offer a range of state-of-the-art, standardized, and valid developmental, educational, cognitive, and neuropsychological testing for young children, teens, college students, and adults that includes:

  • Cognitive testing
  • ADHD testing
  • Learning disabilities testing (e.g. dyslexia testing), including reading, writing, or math disorders.
  • Intellectual testing; intellectual delays testing
  • Academic and educational testing
  • Developmental assessments and developmental abilities testing: cognitive, social, emotional, and daily skills development.
  • Executive functioning testing
  • Giftedness testing
  • Memory testing; memory difficulties testing; neurological testing; neuropsychological testing
  • Processing speed testing
  • Spectrum disorder testing (e.g. autism testing)
  • Traumatic brain injuries and concussions testing
  • Visual-spatial and visual-motor difficulties testing
  • Vocational testing

How Psychological Testing and Assessments Work

  • A comprehensive report will be provided to you that includes specific, targeted recommendations for schools, colleges, home, and the work environment. The report can be utilized to obtain school, college, and professional accommodations via 504s and Individualized Educational Plans, and accommodations for standardized school and college tests.
  • The psychologist conducting the assessment and writing the report will facilitate and support you through the process of obtaining further professional and psycho-educational support in school, college, for standardized required tests, and for the work environment. At your request, the psychologist will also attend any 504 and IEP meetings at your school.
  • We have access to a large network of educational tutoring and vocational specialists and testing centers whom we collaborate with.

Our San Diego based therapists provide an integrated, evidence-based, bio-psycho-social approach to effectively treat a range of disorders. We provide positive, structured, goal-oriented therapy, and in-home and in-school interventions to diminish symptoms and support adults, college students, and children in learning adaptive tools to cope and succeed in academic, socio-emotional, and professional realms.