Somatic Therapy


Somatic Experiencing (SE) is a naturalistic, body-based, ‘bottom-up’ form of healing. SE aims to resolve physical symptoms associated with stress, anxiety, and trauma that can accumulate in the body. Stressors can overwhelm our capacity to integrate the experience, and negatively impact our nervous system, physiology, and can lead to physical symptoms.

What Does Somatic Therapy Offer?

Healing from an SE approach begins with reconnecting to our bodies. SE aims to resolve symptoms of stress, anxiety, and trauma that can accumulate in our bodies. SE offers a framework to assess where a person might be “stuck” in a stress/survival response and provides tools to resolve these states. SE tools can teach you how to settle and release physical tension and anxiety from your body.

  • Somatic Therapy can help you learn how to settle and release physiological activation from your body. Very often this process helps people to reduce stress and return to a sense of regulation and mastery in their lives.
  • Somatic Therapy can support you in learning how to attend to uncomfortable sensations in your body and gently unwind them through your conscious attention.
  • Somatic Therapy is particularly useful in managing stress because so many of the symptoms are physiological.
  • Somatic Therapy can be used with children, teenagers, and adults for anxiety, stress, trauma, and somatic symptoms.