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College Students

We provide specialized assessments and therapeutic services for college students

Individual Psychotherapy and Assessments for College Students

College experiences are a critical part of academic, social, emotional, and cognitive development and growth. It is also a transitional time for young adults accompanied by multiple stressors, challenges, and important life choices.

We provide specialized assessments and therapeutic services for college students struggling with learning, attention, cognitive, trauma, and socio-emotional challenges, and substance abuse.

We are also able to collaborate closely with your advisors, teachers, college counselors, and academic support faculty to provide comprehensive and effective care that will lead to success.

With counseling for college students, we utilize a variety of therapy approaches for immediate change and coping with unique college stressors to increase academic and social success, strengths and self-esteem, and engage in healthier and positive relationships and choices.

We provide you with effective tools to begin immediate changes and coping. We begin where you are emotionally and psychologically in a safe and respectful manner. We provide support, guidance, and psychological tools to enhance your strengths and self-esteem.

What You Can Expect
What You Can Expect

What to Expect from Individual Therapy

As we help you develop immediate coping skills, you will learn to successfully navigate through academic, social, and emotional challenges related to academics, relationships, stress, conflict, anxiety, trauma, loss, depression, and substance use.

Our task is to provide you with life-long understanding, tools, and internal change that will enhance your abilities to make better choices, empower you, and achieve recovery, healing, success, and fulfillment in permanent and profound ways.

You will also learn to make better choices as you empower yourself and move towards healthier ways of being that will stay with you for a lifetime.

We believe it is important to focus on developing a meaningful and collaborative relationship with you, while working on your strengths and self-esteem. Our treatment approach is flexible to meet your specific needs, life situation, and treatment goals.