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Anxiety Disorders

Anxiety can take many shapes and forms, and may present itself differently depending on the individual’s unique situation, biological make-up, and developmental age.

Treatment for anxiety

Treatment for Anxiety

No matter which specific anxiety disorder you may experience, and sometimes there are multiple simultaneous presentations, anxiety can be paralyzing and life-crippling. Anxiety can be highly disruptive to daily routines as children may refuse to go to school, adults may be unable to leave the house, individuals may become isolated and lose friendships, and some may not even be able to attend work.
Common forms of anxiety include:

An Integrated Approach

Aspiring Families therapists provide an integrated, evidence-based, bio-psycho-social approach to effectively treat a range of anxiety disorders. Our anxiety treatment approach is team based so that adults, kids, teens, college students and families can see specialists to minimize the presenting anxiety symptoms and to address the underlying biological or environmental stressors.
Our comprehensive and collaborative interventions for anxiety disorders include:
An Integrated Approach for Anxiety Treatment

Therapists California-Wide

Aspiring Families therapists focus on an integrative approach to teach adults, kids, teens, and college students how to alleviate symptoms, restructure cognition, cope with stressors, develop adaptive responses, build resiliency, and restore daily life to health and wellness.