Treatment Populations

Aspiring Families offers integrated, holistic, evidence-based, and comprehensive services for:


Adolescents are in a unique stage of development that often confuses and places enormous stress on the self, parents, and the family system. Therapy enables us to provide your teenager and you support, communication and coping skills, and a deeper understanding of the ‘emotional storm’ underlying their symptoms and behaviors. We also provide specialized psycho-educational assessments for teenagers.

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The stress and time management of juggling careers, relationships, and families in our adult lives can lend itself to significant emotional and physical challenges. Individual therapy provides you with immediate coping tools and a life-long understanding to empower you and achieve healing and success in permanent ways.

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Children can suffer and express their underlying emotional, social, cognitive, and biological struggles in many confusing ways. We identify difficulties in a multi-contextual way (development, home, learning, attention, school, and peers), and work closely with your child to facilitate his/her strengths, adaptation, and coping skills. We also provide specialized psycho-educational assessments for children.

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College Students

College experiences are a critical part of academic, social, emotional, and cognitive growth. We provide specialized assessments and therapeutic services for college students struggling with learning, attention, cognitive, trauma, and socio-emotional challenges, and substance use.

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The daily stressors of work, parenting, family, finances, and time management can have a significant negative effect on sexual, emotional, and spiritual communication, intimacy, and commitment. Couple’s counseling can provide you with essential tools to improve communication, enhance understanding, and resolve conflicts.

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Family Therapy

Families are complex systems that require a unique understanding of the intricate play between multiple individuals. Family therapy identifies the core family struggles and enables family members to change, adapt, and grow within the family system.

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