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A Helpful Book Review About Step-Kids by Dr. Maker

I recently reviewed a new and helpful book by Erin Mantz, titled Hey, Who’s In My House? Stepkids Speak Out.

This book addresses the myriad of struggles and hopes step-children may experience during their parents’ journey through new marriages and blended families.

Although divorce is a complicated process for both adults and children, creating a collaborative and connected parenting relationship between step-children and step-parents, and a positive and reciprocal relationship amongst step-siblings is not easy.

Hey, Who’s In My House? highlights some of these struggles and possibilities from the step-child’s perspective and draws attention to the emotional ups and downs for children in blended families.  This is an important anthology and a recommended read for step-parents and older step-children.

I will be adding additional book reviews on topics of divorce, loss, parenting, diversity, trauma, and school issues on this wonderful children’s book website, so please keep an eye on Littlest Bookshelf over the year.