How to Prepare Your Child for Divorce: Tips for Parents


January has been tagged as ‘Divorce Month’ in the United States and the United Kingdom, and parents are looking for tools to navigate divorce in healthy ways. Every January, there is an unusually high volume of calls to family attorneys inquiring into divorce proceedings after the holidays. The divorce statistics remain high, with approximately over 40% of marriages ending in divorce in both the U.S. and the U.K. It is suggested that the stressors of the holiday season, such as expenses, family get-togethers, and decision making struggles, increase the pressure on couples. The strain lends itself to moving toward a path of divorce once the holidays are over.

Although divorce may be the appropriate choice for many couples, it is important for parents to continue to pay close attention to their children in this complicated process. The following are some positive resources with tips and tools for parents to navigate the process of divorce in healthy ways for their children.

An article by Dr. Maker in Psychology Today highlights five critical do’s and don’ts that can help your children adapt positively to divorce and diminish family conflict in the process. Following these typical but important guidelines can protect your children and enhance their coping and resiliency.

Rosalind Sedacca, the founder of the Child Centered Divorce Network, interviewed Dr. Maker on helping kids cope with divorce for Al Cole’s show on CBS Radio. Listen to the podcast for detailed information on tips and guidelines for parents to explain and navigate divorce with their children.

The Child Centered Divorce Network is sponsoring the International Child Centered Divorce Month and providing multiple resources, such as books, interviews, and articles focused on supporting parents through divorce.

Although January is a month of high volume calls to divorce attorneys, I hope these resources motivate parents to continue to be the best parents they can be.