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An Interview with Dr. Maker on Divorce & Children

The Littlest Bookshelf, an excellent resource for reviews on children’s books, conducted an in-depth interview with Dr. Maker on divorce and children.  To read the complete interview, please visit Littlest Bookshelf.

The interview questions ranged from how Dr. Maker’s book, Family Changes: Explaining Divorce to Children was created, best ways to explain separation and divorce to children, the impact of divorce on children, and resources for divorcing families and parents in general.

Many families experiencing divorce are seeking effective and healing ways to transition their children through this major life stressor.  Reading to children, not just about divorce, but also about separation, anxiety, loss, coping, adaptation, and resiliency via fictional stories is a wonderful way to connect with children on these difficult topics and explore their feelings in safe ways.

In my interview, I have suggested quite a few excellent books for divorcing and non-divorcing parents that enhance children’s development, which I hope many families will find useful.