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I am excited to share that my children’s book Family Changes: Explaining Divorce to Children is going to be published in June 2015 on Amazon. Family Changes is a picture storybook that enables parents, grandparents, therapists, lawyers, and others working with young children (4 – 8 years) to effectively process confusing and difficult feelings and questions surrounding divorce.

As we all know, the transitions of separation and divorce can be complicated, and my hope is that Family Changes will allow adults to navigate these transitions with children in a safe and connected way. Although divorce can be stressful, parents and children do not have to experience this transition alone, as there are many resources and professionals who can help along the way. Family Changes also provides a guide for parents, grandparents, therapists, lawyers, and other adults via a comprehensive note in the beginning of the book, and a list of child-focused questions at the end of the book. Both, the note and the list of questions foster an ongoing dialogue and emotional process between adult and the child that facilitate greater understanding and expression for the child.

Some books that provide some useful tips and guidance about healthy co-parenting through a divorce are: