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Psychological Assessments, Diagnostics and Testing

One of the biggest challenges faced in the world of mental health treatment is misdiagnosis and inaccurate psychological assessments. This occurs due to the fact that many psychological disorders have overlapping and interconnected symptoms, or physicians and clinicians don’t spend sufficient time testing, which makes it harder to pinpoint the root cause of a client’s challenges and strengths.

Two people can experience the same challenges in very different ways as everyone perceives their reality differently. This subjectivity brings along with it a degree of vagueness that needs to be tackled by skilled psychologists and psychiatrists.

Therapists often deal with clients who show a myriad of symptoms that point in multiple directions. In order to accurately assess the nature, cause, and treatment for a particular challenge, a comprehensive, norm-based, age based, and evidence-based approach needs to be used. Our team of therapists at Aspiring Families have decades of experience in diagnosing and treating simple to some of the most complex psychological conditions.

What Does a Diagnostic Evaluation or Assessment Include?

We provide evaluations and psychological assessments for children, teens, college students, and adults. To better identify the specific underlying issues, we conduct diagnostic evaluations and assessments that accurately pinpoint the developmental, emotional, cognitive, academic, personal, and social components of any given condition.

We utilize state-of-the-art, standardized, norm-based, and valid diagnostic in-person tests, in addition to a comprehensive clinical interview, along with school and home observations, and norm based teacher, parent, and self-reports to generate a complete report with scores and specific recommendations that will be provided to you.

Typically, the process includes:

Diagnostic testing for:

We may also consider:

What You Receive:

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